Trove Glim Life Update – R4PG.com


The Player Marketplace is live! Press U to open the Player Marketplace and sell your wares from anywhere.

A Trove of Wonders is available for one full stack of Trove flux from the Merchant of Marvels on the new Golden Ship vendors in Treasure Isles. Earn Fragments of Wonder in these boxes and use them to buy new Flasks and Emblems from the Weaver of Wonders.

These new boxes contain a variety of items, including Fragments of Wonder and may also contain many brand new, very rare mounts and wings: F4-S.T. Prototype Rocket; Hadori, the Promise of Spring; Illuri of the North Wind; Kabiri, the Firetamer; Ganda the Sky Shepherd; Turtle Tank; Royal Tortoise; and Radical Rainbow Wings!

This week get two Dragon Souls for your first Challenge of the day!

For this week there are extra Sky Realm rewards – increased drop rate for Nimbus mounts, Radiant Shards, and Radiant Lockboxes


Shadow’s Eve

The hub has a brand new look for Shadow’s Eve

A new set of Shadow’s Eve Pumpkin Lairs are now in all adventure biomes. Created by Stedms and Tribe these give two Candy Corn per lair in addition to normal rewards!

These lairs feature pumpkin carvings created by the community – https://www.reddit.com/r/TroveCreations/comments/3mfbqy/trick_or_trove_submission_thread_community/

Autumn Piñatas give three Candy Corn to the thrower and one to players in range all week!


Game Update

Critical Hit replaces the Knockback stat on items, and determines how often you land a critical hit.

Critical Damage is a new stat, and is the bonus multiplier when landing a crit.

Use the Adventurer’s Crafting Bench to combine a full stack of Flux into a Megaflux Tank.

Megaflux Tanks can be converted back into a stack of Flux at an Adventurer’s Crafting Bench.

This week Chaos Chests may include a very rare (but not quite as rare as the tradable one) no-trade Chaos Coins and the Tome of Wonders, plus other goodies!

The Trading Post, Community Chest and Club Chests now requires mastery rank 5 to use.

Shadow Cache, Shaper’s Dream, Shaper’s Vision, Chaos Chests, and Troves of Wonders now all build up toward a guaranteed rare item after opening 70 boxes. To make up for this the chance for rare results from lockboxes has been reduced slightly.

Club World logs will now show when non-terrain blocks are destroyed in club worlds.

Shadow Tower floors now have 3 arenas then the boss (down from 4).

Dragon mount projectiles now have a longer cooldown.


Trove Store

Added a new ‘Big Deal’ that will sometimes show up in the store for $29.99 that includes Credits and a big pile of Shaper’s Vision boxes.

For a limited time, Cycle mounts are 50% off!


Call of Q’bthulhu

For this week only:

The Chaos Forge randomizes all but the primary stat on an item!

Tomes give 4x as many Tentacles of Q’bthulhu.

Get 90% off Tentacles from the Trove Store!

Invaders in Uber 5 always drop a Tentacles of Q’bthulhu while invaders from Uber 6 drop two.

Buy Trove Items and Trove flux Good Store R4PG.com(http://www.r4pg.com/trove)


Bug Fixes

Fixed a bug with ranged attacks. Attacks that look like they hit will now reliably register as hits.

Tooltips again properly show when hovering over skills in the Character Sheet.

Fixed bug where you sometimes didn’t spawn after entering an in-progress Shadow Tower

Fixed bug where boats got stuck when colliding with land instead of sliding against it

The profanity filter no longer applies to system messages. You will now know when you unlock an arsenal.


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