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Buy the Cheapest MU Legend Zen with Various Methods of Payment


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This website has several Q & A.

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It is asking for the following for their accounts’ information for MU Legend money orders and they never ask back the Zen after they sent it out. You can believe in This website for them guarantee the security of your account.

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Finally, the most important thing is that the terminal accepts many kinds of methods of payment, PayPal, and VISA. Many people are worried about the reliability of MU2 Zen. And be confused with which one MU Legend Zen sale site Is it is not legitimate. But there are several methods to avoid to be cheated. The safe payment is one method for we score. You could choose one from them. In addition, you could buy MU Legend Zen on this site at any time of The day for the site provided 24-hours service every day. It’s really convenient.No matter when you want to buy MU Legend Zen, you can get that on this website.

All in all, I think the website R4PG is just one of the best websites for the cheapest MU2 Zen.

Due to more and more people indulged in playing MU Legend, tons of MU2 websites have emerged in the past few years. However, many players are wondering that there are so many MU2 stores online, which one should choose to buy MU Legend Zen? Well, The answer is R4PG. Here are 10 reasons of having to choose R4PG.

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R4PG – sexy blade and soul Cosplay –

Watch beautiful and Sexy Blade & soul Cosplay. Produced by the R4PG

Source: R4PG – sexy blade and soul Cosplay –

Watch beautiful and Sexy Blade & soul Cosplay.Produced by the R4PG provide supply personalized service, diversification products to worldwide game players, Strive to fulfill your needs and provide the best services to help you get a better gaming experience.

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R4PG Online Gamer Store New Desgin –

R4PG Online Gamer Store

R4PG Online Gamer Store‘ established in August 2014, providing Hot gaming related products and value-added services. Since its official establishment in 2014, R4PG Gamer Mall has been gathering precious experience and tremendous growth and progress. R4PG is committed to build a better global gamer service platform.


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R4PG Online Gamer Store New Desgin

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Blade and Soul Gold Farming Guide for BNS Player –

I will give some tips and guide for gold farming, I will divide it in 2 section for Casual Player and Hardcore Player.

Source: Blade and Soul Gold Farming Guide for BNS Player –

Casual Player

Buy Viridian Pickaxe only for 1 silver each and less, farm the Viridian Quartz and sell each of them for 3 silver – 4 silver.

This is the easiest method to do because you only need to find a spot for Quartz and you can do this while watching movie or working or do anything else when you waiting cooldown for changing channel, just keep changing channel everytime you can. (Recommended place for this is Everdusk at right top map, there is 2 Quartz spot.)

Choose Crafting Guild with Radiant Ring and Earthseer for fast but low income with creating Sealing Charm and Key for yourself or sell it in Marketplace.

This is very effective because this game RNG is very sucks and a lot of people need key or charm for get breakthrough weapon in middle or high level.

Find a channel that have a lot of people farming Lycan or Golden Deva so you can farm the soul shield and salvage it for Fusion Dust.

Use Cross-Server Dungeon to save your cost travelling for take daily quest or report the daily quest! You will find the NPC that give you quest when you doing Cross-Server Dungeon.

Try to sell your item just in bulk of 5 or 10 pieces because not everyone will buy all of them if you put 50 or 100 of them in Marketplace!

Always finish your PvP daily quest if you already reach lv 30, it give you 50 Silver everyday!


Hardcore Player

Hit level 45 as fast as possible and do daily quest that will give you 9 Gold at least from the reward and selling Soulstone, you can make a lot of alt character to do this so you can get an easy Gold to focus on your main character weapon.

Save your money with buying Stalker weapon at Marketplace to become fodder for your weapon because it will save you a tons of gold when upgrading your weapon!

Take Soul Warden and Merry Potter for Crafting, you will spend a lot of gold first to raise their level reach 3 but it’s worth for end game especially in future because the demand of Transformation Stone that we need to upgrade our weapon.

Farm the Merry Potter’s Secret Recipe in Brightstone Ruins you can get 50g from this 1 item.

This is based by my experience, I will update and add other tips if I find them in future. Hope this will help you enjoy playing Blade & Soul, Happy Gaming!


Blade and Soul Gold Farming Guide Video

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Blade and Soul Gold Farming Guide for BNS Player

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BNS – Upgrade Cost from True Profane Weapon and Infernal Accessory to 45 Endgame Gear –

Because there is so much misinformation on the upgrade costs on reddit and so on I feel I have to post this to get everybody on the right path. You copy the spreadsheet and type in your material you already have and put in the current market prices. Now you can see the missing material and the price it would cost to buy them on the market. If you are already at for example true siren weapon just delete the materials above. We confirmed the materials ingame and they should be 99% correct.

Source: BNS – Upgrade Cost from True Profane Weapon and Infernal Accessory to 45 Endgame Gear –